Diamonds Is More Important Than Simoleons on SimCity Social

That is the fact and do I really need to explain it? of course and that is the beginning of my story. So if you have a Diamonds you can buy Simoleons, Energies and Materials but not Fame and Cash. But the first problem you should solve is to get cash to burn for your Diamonds. Only rich kid can afford that and I don’t want to waste real money for that kind of stuff in return what I’m doing is a simple tricks that we can apply in the game and that is what I really want to share here in my blog.

What is good in playing social games in Facebook is the option. Yes you have option first is to play the game in easiest way this by being premium user or second to play addictive. So what is the difference of the two. So for those who are saying that money is everything you can consider making a transaction using a money from the pocket mother and father. And for those who are believing that there is a way to dominate game, obvious they are only using all resources to make it on the top and that is what I’m simoleons

Now there is  a procedure to get along in the game although you are not here to donate money. One thing you should have is master, that is ready to help you, teach you a proper guide of playing SimCity Social. Obviously I’m not talking indi vidual but, since internet dominate not only gaming but also information, you can visit website that can give you freebies there are tons of website on the internet that share free coins, energy and even software or tools that you can use. And because they are many it is really hard to judge them if they are reliable or not my is to use search engine.

Next is Facebook Fan Pages, since this game is under on FB application along with websites and blogs, you can also get your free items on Fan Pages. Just like, follow, subscriber them so you will directly see their updates in game. If they have something new to share with us such as Wrath, Rage, Bliss and a lot more.

We all know that Diamond is very important to SimCity Social and it can consider as everything but look, if you can enjoy the game without paying, that is the best strategy you can apply on the game. Because we like to be entertained and not to push ourselves on debt.

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